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It is with great sadness that we report the passing of one of the pioneers of the Paws Hand Delivered Therapy Dog program.  We received notice from Sue Anderson, PHD founder and co-ordinator, that her dog Danny has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and is now running the fences on the other side of the bridge.  Danny was one of the first dogs to join the therapy dog program and was well known to all the other therapy dogs and their owners.   One of his most recent PHD activities was just a few weeks ago when he helped the children of Meadville improve their reading skills.

Here the three "Listening Experts" talk about the great time they just had listening to and being petted by the children reading the stories at the Meadville Library.  They even had the opportunity to celebrate with one of the young readers at his birthday party held at the Library.

Paws Hand Delivered THERAPY DOGS

Paws Hand Delivered (“PHD”) began in 1995 with just four canine-therapy teams.  Currently there are over 75 registered therapy dogs working with 65 owner/handlers throughout the community.

PHD provides services to local nursing homes, retirement communities, memory support programs, the Yolanda G. Barco Oncology Center and many other local organizations.

There are many additional ways we can provide companionship to individuals in the community in addition to nursing home visits.  We presently work with library reading programs, services to autistic and special needs students and companionship to adult dependent individuals.

PHD evaluates, tests, qualifies and supports therapy dogs for the purpose of giving loving and empathic support in nursing homes, hospitals, schools and other facilities.

PHD is committed to sharing the love and joy their dogs bring with those, who for reasons beyond their control, can no longer have a dog of their own.  PHD brings the health benefits and unconditional love and joy only a dog can bring to their doorsteps.

Our Paws Hand Delivered teams receive assessment, instruction and qualification from certified testers working with the Conneaut Lake Bark Park. Therapy Dogs, Inc. ( provides the registration and insurance support required to ensure the continued success of canine assisted therapy locally and across the country. Together, the Conneaut Lake Bark Park and Paws Hand Delivered strive to satisfy the growing demand in our area from organizations that value this precious gift and community service. Our goal is to have enough qualified teams that we never have to deny a visit request for lack of an available team.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a registered canine therapy team contact:

Sue Anderson 814-671=2809

Tales That Wag has now shifted to the School Year schedule.  Saturday mornings at 11:00 AM, will find some of our therapy dogs entertaining, and being entertained by the young readers at the Meadville Library Children's Room.  At the other end of the educational spectrum some of our therapy dogs have also welcomed, and help ease the transition to college life for the new and returning Allegheny College students.

Here is Sue;s message,

It is great sadness that I share with you the loss of Danny yesterday to Myasthenia Gravis. He was diagnosed yesterday after evaluating his condition at Conneaut Lake Vet with Dr. Waid. Within 3 days he went from a loving, active, loyal dog to a very, very sick dog. I refused to let him suffer and decided I wanted to remember him as "My Big Boy" who has been by my side as therapy dog for 9 years. I'm sure he is "running the fence" on the other side of the Rainbow Bridg…

Paws Hand Delivered, the local pet therapy group, tested possible therapy dogs and their handlers on Saturday, September 25th at the Dog House at the Bark Park. We are happy to report that three new dogs passed their test and will now be starting their three required supervised visits enroute to becoming fully certified Therapy Dogs.  Welcome to Dennie Fenton and Winnie, Teresa Jouver and Moe, and Kathy Patterson and Maggie. 

Recently completing their full evaluation and receiving their Full Certification were Brenda Hertel and Cooper and Becky Haas and Troy.  

To be tested, a dog must be at least one year of age, and the handler must own or have had a close relationship with the dog for a minimum of six months before testing. For additional information, visit the website for Alliance of Therapy Dogs and follow the directions prior to testing.

Paws Hand Delivered

The Therapy Dogs are BACK ON THE JOB!  Tuesday, June 8th marked the beginning of the Re-Boot of the Therapy Dogs regularly scheduled visits.  Cosmo and Mr. Parker had the honor of opening the program when they visited the Meadville Library for Tales That Wag.  They brought along their "Leashmates" so Becky and Rita could get back into the routine.  It was hard to tell who enjoyed the visit more, the dogs or the Library staff.  One thing that we hope is that the word gets out to the children of the Meadville area.  We sure could have used more young visitors telling stories to our canine workers.  The dogs sure wanted to see more kids!  Next week, once the schools are out for the summer we hope to have a lot more story tellers for the dogs to entertain.  The program will continue every Tuesday from 10:00 AM till 11:00 until the schools start back in session in the fall.  Maybe your Therapy Dog would like to join this fun activity. 

Things To Learn About Therapy Dogs Testing

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To sign up for the next testing date, contact:

          Sue Anderson 814-671-2809