Conneaut Lake Bark Park

Our Services include:

• Elevated tubs

• High velocity, pet safe dryer

• Waterproof aprons

•Grooming tools

•Shampoo choices

•Ear and dental wipes

•Fluffy towels

•Nail clippers

Automated controlled warm water

Laundra-mutt Rules

1.   All vaccinations must be up to date
2.   Never leave your pet unattended in the laundra-mutt
3.   Dogs must always be under control and leashed
4.   Aggressive dogs may be asked to schedule an after- hours appointment.
5.   Children under 14 are not permitted in the laundra-mutt.
6.   Any damaged items are considered an “instant purchase”
7.   Accidents happen.  Please notify us immediately.
8.   Always use caution on the wet floor

 Clean Dog – Happy Dog

1.   Before washing your dog, brush them and trim their nails in the tub.
2.   Wet your dog and shampoo well.  Shampoos have been diluted with

       water to disperse and rinse more easily.
3.   Rub in shampoo starting at the base of the neck and move towards the           tail or start in the center and move back and forth.  Don’t forget the

       belly and toes.
4.   Be sure to rinse well.  Shampoo residue can cause itching
5.   The more you towel dry the less you will need to blow dry.
6.   Blow dry starting at the tail and move forward.  If your dog is afraid of

      the dryer see the attendant for help.
7.   Wipe out ears and clean teeth.
8.   Enjoy the fun!



The Laundra-Mutt at The Dog House

Our Laundra-mutt offers an affordable, convenient and fun way to get your pet clean from nose to tail while leaving the messy clean-up to us. Our two self-service wash bays are available on a first-come first-served basis. 

​Hours and Pricing: Call the Dog House at 814-382-2267