The formal Dock Diving Season for 2021 has ended.  The facility is still available for member users, at their own risk, as long as weather and safety conditions allow.

Construction of Mandy's Dock


What to do if you want to dock dive and your dog is having trouble or does not swim

1. Find the toy your dog is absolutely crazy about and work on the dog retrieving the toy on land. If one particular toy does not work, try a different one. You need to be sure the dog will return to you after he goes off the dock.

2. It has been suggested that sometimes the owner might have to get in the water in front of the dock to encourage the dog into the water.

3. If the dog is not even swimming yet, you might need to again get in the water with the dog and encourage him to swim out to where you are standing.

4. It took my dog almost 2 years to enjoy swimming and now jumps a grand total of 2 feet off the dock. Patience, patience, patience. LOL

If your dog is going off the dock and needs help on increasing distance or height, this is when you will definitely want Sherie's expertise.

Don’t get discouraged, it might take quite awhile until the dog will go off the dock. Patience and persistent encouragement, over, and over, and over again.


Aggressive dogs are not permitted to participate in dock diving
All dogs must be on a leash when not actively participating in the diving exercises.
There will be a maximum of 6 dogs per time frame class
Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to a class.
All dogs participating must have a vet clearance form. This form is available on the website under “forms necessary to join the bark park”
We suggest you bring towels and water for your dogs, (water is available at the park), you would need to bring a container.
Bring a flotation toy your dog is absolutely crazy about.
Bring a chair if you want to sit down when your dog is not dock diving
Dogs are permitted to wear a safety vest for dock diving.
Dogs of any breed, etc, are permitted to compete in dock diving.
Parking for dock diving is restricted to the asphalt by the training area or parking by the trailer.
A hose is available at the asphalt area and also by the trailer.
If a class is cancelled because of the weather, check on the bark park voice mail at 814-382-2267.

Conneaut Lake Bark Park